Opening Day May 19th

Southside Giants @ Westside Indians

Jackson Park 11:30

Eastside Giants @ Windy City Indians

Olive Harvey 11:30

Braves @ Loyalty

Jackson Park 3:00

2018 MLSBA Champions - Westside Indians

5th Championship in 6 years in the MLSBA


About Us

What is the MLSBA

We are an organization that brings baseball to players in the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Within our 5 years of existence, we have been able to provide baseball to players ranging from ages 15 to over 50 years old to play the game they love most.

MLSBA Culture

We like to provide a safe playing environment every Sunday so that players and spectators can enjoy America's favorite pastime. In 2017, MLSBA evolved into a wooden bat league to bring in more diverse teams and create the major league experience. 


We are looking to continue to expand our brand and create bigger and better partnerships. The goal is to create opportunities and values across the city of Chicago for not only adults, but for the youth as well.